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Your Questions Answered…

- Do you provide cleaning products?
- Yes, experience has taught us that our clients prefer us to use eco-friendly cleaning products, we therefore use this type of product. However if you prefer us to use one of your own products we are happy to oblige.
Q - Do I need to be at home whilst cleaning is carried out?
A - No, as long as access has been arranged it is not necessary for you to be at home.
Q - What is the minimum amount of time of your cleaning service?
A - Our minimum length of visit on a weekly basis is 2 hours. One off cleans will be a minimum of 4 hours duration.
Q - What happens if something gets broken?
A - We are always very careful whilst cleaning, but unfortunately   sometimes accidents do happen. In these circumstances we will have the item repaired or replaced.   
 Q - Are your services insured? 
A - Yes with full public liability insurance as required by UK law.
Q - Is oven cleaning part of your service? 
A - No, we always recommend you consult a specialised oven cleaning company.
Q - Is carpet cleaning part of your service? 
 A - All carpets are thoroughly vacuumed as part of our service but we do  not shampoo carpets, we recommend you contact a specialised carpet  cleaning company.